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Tactical Case Studies 2021

March 23 class 1.jpg

Forty LEOs from across the state of Florida turned out for the March 23 "Tactical Case Studies" session sponsored by the National Association of Chiefs of Police, the American Police Hall of Fame and Kel-Tec. The two sessions were organized by UMTC training and its founder veteran officer Marty Castellanos. The sessions were powerful, insightful and very applicable to contemporary issues. Participants unanimously called the class a success in their follow-up surveys, many requesting longer and more frequent classes. The Hall of Fame and NACOP will be partnering with other businesses, sponsors and organizations to build on our efforts to provide the BEST training available at the national level at NO CHARGE to our officers or their agencies. 

LE Officer Survival 2021

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The maxed-out class on January 25 drew officers from all over the state of Florida. The LEOs were treated to world-class training from such tactical legends as Dave "Boon" Benton, Israel Matos, Benny Glossop, Marty Castellanos, and Tom Alibrondo of IWI. 

The American Police Hall of Fame and the National Association of Chiefs of Police covered the costs so that officers could attend for free and also provided a catered lunch and complimentary trauma kit. 

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Jan 25 31.jpg

Advanced Officer Survival 2019 


On October 28, 2019, NACOP hosted the first Advanced Officer Survival class for local/regional LEOs. 

NACOP trainers were assisted by world-renowned Defensive Tactics Instructor Jason Brooks (pictured in black hat / with beard). 

Brooks put officers through their paces in hand-to-hand training and gun take-aways, while our Director of Law Enforcement Training Paul Pawela and our Lead Instructor John Falldorf tested them on the range.

Student comments included:

Top of the line training! This facility is second to none!” 


loved the different tactics for shooting…and the fact that the class was active without a lot of book work.


enjoyed the real life tactics, not just academy drills.


great hands-on survival techniques. Officers need continuous practice on being able to get away from a deadly situation.

More classes upcoming in 2019!

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