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John Falldorf

John Falldorf instructs both law enforcement and civilians for the National Association of Chiefs of Police. He is FDLE-certified in General Instruction and in High Liability classes. He also serves as Facilities Manager for the American Police Hall of Fame. During his law enforcement career he attended hundreds of schools and special training opportunities, studying with a variety of agencies across the country, including the FBI. Falldorf spent 27 years in law enforcement, serving in a variety of capacities for the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office in Ohio, including Detective, forensic technician, range master, senior crime scene analyst and senior police academy instructor. After retiring from law enforcement, John managed one of the nation's top gun shop and served as a range manager. He also writes for a variety of firearms and training-related publications. 


Click HERE to read more about John's civilian classes. For more information on his LEO training at the Police Hall of Fame, email

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Michael Lazarus

Michael Lazarus is a NACOP-certified instructor for the National Association of Chiefs of Police. A 25-year veteran of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, Michael has accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge in global security and defensive tactics. In the United States, he graduated from esteemed institutions such as the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC); the Law Enforcement Officers Training School / Federal Bureau of Investigations (LEOTS/FBI); the United States Government Joint Training Center (USGJTC), the National Rifle Association (NRA), the International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF/C-IED), and the International Criminal Investigative Training Assessment Program as a Master Instructor (ICTAP/DOJ) in Wardak, Afghanistan to name a few. He is the founder of Combative Systems International, Inc (CSI) Florida.


To find out about Michael's civilian and LEO classes, please click HERE, or send a request to

Special Guest Trainers
Special Guest Trainers
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Dave "Boon" Benton

If the name sounds familiar, it's probably because you saw the film "13 Hours" or read about the Sept. 11, 2012 attack, when members of Ansar al-Sharia stormed the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi. Dave "Boon" Benton was one of the American assets whose combat skill and knowledge prevented additional human losses on that tragic day. But Boon is far more than a Benghazi hero; he has a combined 25 years serving in specialized teams and leadership roles in the military, law enforcement , high threat and high net worth  protective security, and the intelligence community . He has held many positions on various teams from assaulter, sniper, breacher, tactical medical provider, team leader, and instructor positions from explosive entry to SWAT. His specialized knowledge  blended with his competitive shooting and combative sports experience (Boxing ,BJJ, MMA, USPSA) give him the depth to provide full spectrum realistic training solutions. Boon is a co-founder of and a principle in Threat Management Solutions and Defensive Marksmanship Instructor Group. 

To find out more about Boon's NACOP LEO skill-builder training in 2020, please email

Brian Smith

     Brian retired from the Chicago Heights Police Department as a Captain with thirty years of service.  Today, he continues to live and serve in the Chicago area, operating the Metropolitan Police Self-Defense Institute (MPSDI), which was created to teach defensive tactics to local police agencies. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Chiefs of Police and is one of the biggest cheerleaders for the LEEP program.  Brian instructs civilians and police families, as well as highly specialized police units, like SWAT and others. He has been recognized by the NRA and numerous other agencies with a variety of awards such as "Trainer of the Year," "Law Enforcement Trainer of the Year," and induction into the Illinois State Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He carries 36 instructor certifications and is an NRA Training Counselor. 

If you are located in the Chicago area, Brian is ready to share his wealth of knowledge and expertise with your agency. Contact him at . And be sure to add your contact information to our mailing list so that you will know when Brian's training is available in the Florida region. To be on our mailing list, contact

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