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American Police Hall of Fame

Law Enforcement
Education Program (LEEP)

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3rd Wednesday of each month.

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Vehicle Stops Workshop 2021
The August 23 Vehicle Stops Workshop was very successful! Please stay in contact for new classes and opportunities for 2022. In the meantime,
one -on-one instruction in firearms is available by emailing
To inquire about other instruction, please email
Vehicle Stops 2021.png
Click Video Above for LE Flame Message

Forty sworn officers from the state of Florida showed up for the March 23 Tactical Case Studies class. Feedback was very positive and NACOP and the Hall of Fame are already  planning even more classes for the rest of 2021 and into 2022!

March 23 LE class.png

Click HERE to send your name, rank, position, agency, email and phone number to register for March 23. 

Our January 25 class was a great success.
To see photos from the class, click HERE.

Law Enforcement Officer Survival

Email to register for the class. Per information on the flyer, please include:
Rank, First Name, Last Name, Current position and Agency.

Welcome to LEEP

The National Association of Chiefs of Police, working in conjunction with Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Eastern Florida State College, and a vast network of tactical training professionals nationwide wants YOU to stay safe.



Our goal is to provide officers at the local, regional and, eventually, national level the BEST training available at NO COST or at a DEEPLY DISCOUNTED COST. Our internal classes are mostly FREE to officers while our nationally acclaimed GUEST TRAINERS have deeply discounted their standard training rates in order to serve our men and women of the thin blue line. Sponsors and companies (featured on the 'Support LEEP' page) help to offset the costs of bringing in world class trainers and providing necessary training equipment!    

THe Goal

Training Classes include:

Classes offered at our facility are not limited to firearms related courses but include appropriate use of taser, baton, verbal instruction and de-escalation, as well as courses in leadership, body language, traffic stops, hand-to-hand engagement, defensive tactics and more. The goal is to augment officer training in areas that will save officers’ lives and the lives of civilians, as well. Our goal - first, last and always - is that YOU go home safely at the end of your shift. 

The LEEP program formally launched in 2019 with the June visit of retired FBI Agent Edmundo Mireles. In addition to his presentations at the facility, one to civilians and one (free) to law enforcement, our trainers developed a number of live fire exercises based on Agent Mireles’ lessons regarding surviving a firefight. 


Although NACOP training now has a name and a partnership with FDLE and EFSC, our trainers have been teaching tactics and strategies to law enforcement for many years!


If you are looking for world-class CIVILIAN TRAINING, please check out our sister site:

Wo-man camp 7
Training photo 5
WoMan Camp 2018 4
WoMan Camp 2018 14

The following calendar contains the scheduled training and events for NACOP's LEEP (Law Enforcement Education Programs), NACOP's STEP (Safety Training Education Programs) and the American Police Hall of Fame & Museum. GREEN box classes are LAW ENFORCEMENT; BLUE box classes are Civilian. 

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